Friday, August 29, 2008

American Politics.

I've been following the American elections with some interest, and as I write this I'm watching the reports regarding McCain's choice of running mate.

I find it really weird.

If I were American, I wouldn't vote for Republican myself right now but I find it really strange that the Republican party are choosing Palin as VP.

And it's funny how, even on Fox, the anchors and commentators seem to be grasping at straws trying to make sense of the choice.

Since Obama's speech last night, I've heard pro-Republican commentators criticize Obama for many of the usual things: he isn't experienced, he's too young, nobody really knows who he is.

And now McCain chooses someone who is about as inexperienced as Obama (you might say she's even less experienced; at least Obama worked in public service before entering politics; Palin was a television sports reporter before she entered politics); someone who is even younger than Obama; and someone whom not even the Republican spokespersons being interviewed on television know. Not only that, but she appears not to have any experience in foreign policy at all. So basically what that means is that if McCain dies, the next president is going to be someone who doesn't have any foreign policy experience. And isn't the issue of foreign policy supposed to be one of McCain's strengths?

So that really doesn't make sense, because McCain just crippled his own campaign: now he won't be able to attack Obama on experience.

Theory Number 1. The theory that many anchors are toying with is that maybe McCain chose Palin because she's a woman, so this is their ploy to win the support of female Hillary supporters.

Now to be quite honest, as a woman, I find that analysis a little insulting. If I were a Hillary supporter, I would support her primarily because she believes in the same things I do and only secondarily because she's a woman.

So do these analysts (or, for that matter, John McCain) think that women are so mababaw that they will vote for Palin just because she's a woman, even if she believes in things completely different from what I believe in?


Hahaha, in fact if you do want to make mababaw generalizations about the way women vote, then you should bear in mind the generalization that women are much likelier to be cattier about one another than men, so choosing a woman just to get the support of female supporters ... that could actually backfire.

Theory Number 2. Another theory that the commentators are playing with is the notion that McCain chose her to get stronger support from the more extreme right. Apparently, Palin is more conservative than McCain.

But that doesn't make sense either. Instead of trying to attract voters who are most likely going to vote you anyway, shouldn't you be trying to attract the center, the independents, and the right-leaning Democrats?

So weird.


I dunno ... maybe McCain just has a crush on her. :) (Kidding.)

The only other possibility I can think of is that McCain really thinks he's going to lose and he's desperately trying anything to throw a monkey wrench into the Democrats' momentum.


Update: Rumors are she's a creationist. Uh.

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